Your Purchase Today Supports Zebra Coalition

Your Purchase Today Supports Zebra Coalition

The anime and fandom communities are some of the best people in the world, and for that reason, I am proud to be a part of it. Now, I ask for your help.

As a Floridian, I love my state. I love the weather, the beaches, and the many good people here who still believe in a peaceful and safe world for us all. I also reside just a few miles from Pulse Nightclub, where in 2016, 49 souls were massacred simply for who they are. In the shadow of Pulse, it was heartwarming to see Floridians rally around the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, recent legislation, such as HB 1557/SB1834( aka the "Don't Say Gay" Bill) and HB7/SB148 (the "Stop Woke" Act) has threatened the happiness and safety in our state.

According to The Trevor Project, LGBTQ teens and young adults are 4 times more likely to plan or attempt suicide compared to their peers. Legislation that makes people feel ashamed, or that their very identities must be kept secret, will just add fuel to this fire.

The Zebra Coalition is a Central Florida organization that provides services for at risk LGBTQ teens and young adults. Some of the services they provide include mental health counseling, anti-bullying education, and emergency/temporary housing for those who have been rejected by their families. They have helped so many that have felt lost, alone, or left behind. They do important work in Central Florida, and they are needed now more than ever. 

In collaboration with Zebra Coalition, we are releasing a very special candle, SAY JOJO. This 8 oz vegan candle is hand-dyed, and is scented with the same rainbow cereal you remember from childhood. All profits of the sale of this candle go directly to Zebra Coalition.


Additionally, I am proud to donate 10% of all other sales to this important organization. All donations will be processed through ShoppingGives, and will go directly to Zebra Coalition. In case of a sale or discount code, the 10% will be taken from the final discounted price.

Thank you for helping to ensure that LGBTQ young people in Florida have the resources that they need to feel peaceful and safe - something we all deserve. 

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