At Expedition 13 Candle Collective, our mantra has always been, "for fans, by fans". Whether you consider yourself an otaku, a "weeb", or just an enthusiast, we want to welcome you home!

As you may have noticed, everything we make contains carefully curated and custom-blended scents specific to a character, persona, or setting. 

If you know, you know!

All inside jokes aside, we want everything we make to look and smell terrific, whether you're a fan or not. Since our candles are hand-poured and colored, any variations or irregularities in color are not only ok, they are intentional! We find that it gives each piece its own unique signature.


As a classically trained chef, I took the opportunity during these crazy times to be creative in a whole new way. I've developed new "recipes", created with the same love and care that I've always put into my work.  Those recipes are paired with the people and things that inspire us, make us laugh, and bring us joy when we need it most. I hope you love these collections as much as we do.